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This van has the 4L60E trans and 246K miles. I bought it with most of 'em on it. Recently the PCM broke while cruising on the interstate. Van seemed to have only 2nd and reverse. (Limp mode??) Two different trans shops couldn't tell me what was wrong. I changed the PCM and the van worked fine-for about 20 miles! Seems the PCM was fried again. I got another and noticed a warning sticker on it that advised checking resistance of solenoids. I called a parts place and that guy recommended checking/changing the internal wiring harness.My questions are:
1. Are solenoids or harness likely culprits.
2. How do I access and test each and what is normal resistance for solenoids?
3. Any other recommendations?
I'll be anxiously awaiting any and all help. Thanks to all, Jasper1
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