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Noticed for several months brake peddle would drift down when stopped at light. Then power was sagging just a little bit. Finally started hearing hissing sound under dash at fire wall. Didn't take Einstein to figure power brake booster seal was going out. Looked under dash and said,"SOB". Started goggle for help, cause sometimes the best action is to know action, that's how I came to this site. Local Auto Zone didn't have in stock, so I ordered on-line, got free shipping and 20% off, price came to 167.00 minus 49.00 for core. Ordered Sunday afternoon,got here from vender in Dallas to Charleston, SC Tuesday around noon,thanks Fedex. Started pulling dash and dropping steering wheel, removing retaining clip wasn't hard, used 1/4" screwdriver to expand clip and 1/8" to pry off. Removed brake light switch and push rod, used bungee cord to hold booster in place while removing nuts. Bench bled new mc,while installing new booster, seemed like alternating jobs helped by giving bubbles more time to rise. Installed mc, bled each wheel, then took it on gravel rode, kicked in ABS about 8 times,"read 3 would bleed ABS,but was fun driving it like it was stolen" returned home bled each wheel again. Used clear tubeing and mason jar for bleeding, cleaner job, gentle pumping brake, and could see bubbles, and clean fluid. The brakes work fine, no soft peddle. The point to writing all of this, is don't be scared to tackle tough job, get plenty input on scope and action of job. Then walk away, proud thinking I don't need no stinking Tech 1 ,or high dollar shop.
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