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95 GMC K1500 Hazard Light Issue

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Hi. I've looked at several forums and haven't really seen my specific issue. My turn indicators work fine. If I push down on the hazard light switch on the steering column, nothing happens. If I have a trailer hooked up, and the switch is depressed, nothing happens, until I use a turn indicator. When I use a turn indicator, the truck shows it correctly, but all of the trailer lights flash as if the hazard button is depressed. If I pop the switch up, the trailer lights don't work at all.

Not really sure where to start.
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Ok, let's chase one fault (I suspect you only have one problem; but let's not complicate it).

You say, without the trailer connected, the turn signals work; but the 4 way hazards do not.

I would try to solve that problem first.

The signals and the hazards both work off the multi-function switch in the steering column.

I would remove the switch and inspect and test each of the positions.
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