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96 suburban drive line question

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I have a 96 burb with about 87k miles. Just got it and have noticed at red lights sometimes when the brake is released I feel a thump from the rear end. My 03 gmc reg, cab truck was doing this after a few thousand miles and the dealer said they lubed the slip yoke. I put a little grease on the part of the yoke that is exposed but it still does it sometimes. Do I need to drop the drive shaft and clean and lube the yoke or is my rear end worn? I also heard the rear brakes sticking can cause this and gm has a nickle plated yoke that helps. Anyone have this problem?
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No, I haven't heard that one about the yoke. Take a look at the u-joints just in case.
4x4 Toyota Tacoma's suffer from this problem if the slip joint isnt lubed often enough.

Pump grease into the slip joint zerk fitting until it starts to come out the back side of the slip joint. I'd probably grease every fitting I could find under the truck it sounds like their may have been a few spots missed at the last few lube jobs.
The first trip around the block should tell you if the problems fixed.
I am not sure there is a grease sert on the yoke.
I have a 96 burb with about 87k miles.
I also heard the rear brakes sticking can cause this
Anyone have this problem?
I would inspect the rear shoes and drums it was a problem for this model. My 96 GMC Sierra has just started to do it but I knew what it was cuz I remember it from back in the 90's. The tell tale thump at lights.
So that means the rear brakes are sticking a little?
Yes I can't find the old TSB from GM but it was quite common. The usual. Inspect,clean, replace as necessary.
Shy of gettin' under there myself LOL Doesn't hurt to have a good look around rear brakes
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