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Hey all, new to the site and I'm hoping that someone can shed some light on my problem.

I've got a 97 5.0 with 242K on it that developed a starting problem last week. I have remote start on the truck and started it up in the morning before I left the house to let it warm up for a couple of minutes (I do this usually). When I finally went outside I realized the truck wasn't running and I tried to start it again via the remote fob. It would not start - it continued to crank over with authority but it would not fire. I've had fuel pump issues in the past (I'm on the fifth one) and so I suspected it was the same issue. Just for fun, I popped the hood and took out the fuel pump relay and swapped it with the A/C relay and the truck started right up. The A/C continued to work as well, so obviously both of the relays are okay.

I had no problems with the truck until this morning, when it cranked over for an extended amount of time before it finally fired up (probably more than 5 seconds). It will usually fire when cold almost immediately when the key is turned and does so after one of these hard starts. It doesn't seem to be a problem when the engine is warm or has been started within the last 12 hours. Both times that I've had problems were after the truck sat overnight. Our temps here in MI have been pretty high lately with some pretty high humidity (it rained last night).

Completely unrelated to this issue - I have had a rather rough idle on the truck now for several years. It never dies, but it just isn't as smooth as it could be. Would an Idle Air Control valve contribute to a rough idle?


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