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97 vortec engine firing sequence..?? help..!!

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hey guys...!! I just replaced the 5.7 l in my 97 suburban.. well.. not as easy as I had thought.. a lot of tapes came off.. during the engine replacement, and I'm ready to put this thing together.. my question 1.;firing sequence of the 5.7 l vortec. numbers on the distributor is marked.. but just wanted to be sure of the ENGINE SIDE OF THE sprk plug cables.. driver side, and the passanger side....?? .. QUESTION 2.; distributor ROD placement.. ; what is the right way to have the timing of the rod.. what do I have to do to have right timing .... I know it's a electronic distributor, but I don't think I could just stick it in and expect it to have proper timing...QUESTION 3..;I did take out the torque converter with the engine, and did not fill it with tranny oil in it when I was putting it in.. what would be the right steps to take to get it right from here..???:neutral:. your help will be appreciated.. thanks.. jc..:neutral:
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Well the firing order for a 97 surburban 350 is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

for the distributor, get i belive a 15/16" socket and ratchet or bar and turn the crankshaft till cylinder #1 is at tdc. then when you slide the distributor in check to see if your on or off and adjust till your on time, (remember some caps say cylinder 1 on the ie. left corner, but the rotor has to be in the right corner to give spark to #1, basically, follow the lines under the cap)

and i think this is what you mean by by psngr and driver side is 1357 on driver side and 2468 on passenger
o.k.. that's great.. I'll try those sequence on the plugs.. and the distributor rod.. as well.. any other suggestions that I may not be thinking of..?? things to watch out for..?? or any tips... ?? any help would be appreciated.. thanks...jc..
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