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I am going to ask for the collective knowledge of this forum to help me out here.

I have a 98, GMC Jimmy 4x4 2dr.

I was driving around tonight running a few errands. I had been driving for about an hour or so and was heading home.
The truck truck ran good the entire time I was driving it, it does have a small misfire that I'm trying to track down, but that's another story.

I was coming down the road, the truck wasn't making any funny noises or running funny whatsoever. Then I hit an unavoidable bump in the road (it wasn't a large one, mind you)

The truck lost power as soon as I hit the bump like it was running out of gas.
I pulled over, killed it, let it sit for a second and tried it, it fired on the second crank.

I gave it a little gas to get the rpm's up and it seemed fine.
Put it in drive to take off and it started chugging like it was running out of fuel. ( I know it has gas in it, I'm putting some in it in the morning to be sure )

I made it about another 1.4 mile trying to limp it home and it died again. This time when I pulled over and tried to restart it, it turns over and turns over but won't fire.

Fuel pump has power and is kicking on.
Alternator is good, Battery is good.
Did a check for loose connection / hoses that may have come unhooked, everything checks out.
Going to get under it tomorrow and look again.

Coil pack possibly ?
Cap and rotor ?

Looking for some info.


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You say you hear the Pump running... : ?

(Note: "ALL CAPS" for emphasis only ~ I am not "Shouting at You" ; )

PUT YOUR CIGARETTE, ETC. OUT ~ Then, near the base of the Throttle Body follow the larger of the two fuel lines to that valve-stem lookin' cap and take it off Your Fuel Rail, then -- WITH A RAG IN YOUR HAND TO CATCH THE FUEL-SPRAY -- press the valve-pin to see if You're getting Fuel Pressure...a little dribble is one-thing, it should squirt like heck ~ especially if you hold the valve open -- WITH A RAG IN YOUR HAND TO CATCH THE FUEL-SPRAY -- while someone turns the key off for a coupla' seconds...

Then turn the key "ON" -- but DO NOT "Crank" at-first...if no-fuel then again -- WITH A RAG IN YOUR HAND TO CATCH THE FUEL-SPRAY -- have a helper "Crank" it for JUST two or three seconds or-so ~ PERIOD NO-MORE!

You do NOT want to spray fuel all-over the engine compartment ~ especially around the Distributor!

If you have no Fuel-Spray then Your pump has dislocated within the Tank ~ perhaps that's why You hear the pump but the engine won't start : ?

I've seen stuff like that when a vehicle get's T-Boned really hard ~ the pump will dislocate for the inertia of the "Hit"...but just the right "Bump" can do it too : ?

If so ~ See "R&R Fuel Pump" from there...good luck 'n BE SAFE!!! I strongly encourage everyone to wear safety glasses at all times, and have a PLAN with a FIRE EXTENGUISHER AT-HAND whenever you're screwin' aroung with FUEL, etc. --Ciao!--
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