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the old pump will cause the new external pump to run harder and may die sooner than needed. why not cut an access hole in the bed area above the tank and put a removable trap door over the hole. this way open the access panel dissconect the fuel lines and level wires and the lock ring then lift out the pump unit and swap as needed. i got a Bosh "Gold" unit and not issues for almost a year and 20000 miles so far......mike
The old jeep Wagoner’s had that trap door made right in, and I have done that exact trap door repair on many other vehicles. It saves a lot of headaches.

Just cut the hole with an air chisel, with the pannel cutting tool, looks like three fingers, makes a nice cut and doesn’t create any sparks. Now you will have to make the trap door a little larger than the hole to seal it nicely.
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