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99 motor swap question

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Here's a question the truck I'm having problems with is a 99 gmc k1500 5.7 vortex it ended up being the crank bearings it chewed up my crank pretty good well here's the question I have a 93 Chevy gmc with the 5.7 but it's carburated so I was wondering if I could take the heads and intake off the 99 and put them on the 93 block and use it in my 99 and have it bolt up to my 99 transmission it has the 4l60 or whatever in it also the 93 is 2wd and my 99 is 4x4 please let me know all info that would need to be done to make this happen thank you
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You will need the crank sensor or else you will get an engine light and possibly a missfire. And i talked to my buddy and yes you can swap all the stuff to the 93 block. I'm not sure how the crank sensor mounts on those. maybe just swap over the pulley on the crank cause you will need the pickup on it for the sensor
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