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99 motor swap question

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Here's a question the truck I'm having problems with is a 99 gmc k1500 5.7 vortex it ended up being the crank bearings it chewed up my crank pretty good well here's the question I have a 93 Chevy gmc with the 5.7 but it's carburated so I was wondering if I could take the heads and intake off the 99 and put them on the 93 block and use it in my 99 and have it bolt up to my 99 transmission it has the 4l60 or whatever in it also the 93 is 2wd and my 99 is 4x4 please let me know all info that would need to be done to make this happen thank you
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You can put the 5.3 in you just need mount adapters. If you can harvest the pcm and harnesses out of the other truck it makes it much easier. I don't know if these are the righ adapters for you but here is a set
I completely agree that the 5.7 is a straight and easy swap. He asked if he could put the 5.3 in. The answer is yes he can it will take work though. He did not ask for our personal opinions. That is why I did not give mine. I just answered his question.
One concern I would have about using the older Lower end is the crank sensor. Sure you can change whatever mounting bracket is needed from one motor to the other. But I do not know what the sensor Depends on for sensing. Is there a sensing ring on the crank? Is there s detent on the crank that the sensor senses? If there is you may need to move that from the old crank to the new crank. If that is the case then getting it properly orientated would be extremely important and may prove to be a hard task
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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