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99 sub

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i have 3 problems. 1 does the fan clutch have right or left threads? 2 my horn does not work in the morning but does in the afternoon. 3my fan switch stopped working on high only. any ideas? thanks
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If you turn the fan around there should be an arrow on the bolt that attaches the fan to the shaft telling you.

Or just turn the engine over, the fan turns against the engines rotation so that it tightens itself when the engine is running. So to loosen the fan you would need to turn the nut in the direction of the engines rotation.

Morning moisture may be your problem with the horn, try some dielectric grease on the horn terminal.

Usually the relay is the problem on fan speeds, and they have put that in such a great spot. Its up under the dash behind the glove box. It is now a circuit board and very expensive, around 100 bucks.
My bad, I was talking about the rheostat. Isn’t that what it’s called?

These used to be out in the engine compartment in the side of the fan housing or air conditioning housing.

Or did they change the way this system works?

Enlighten me, I am still old school.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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