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What we have here is a dark blue 1999 Chevy Suburban 2500 4x4. 5.7 350 Vortec Motor rebuilt last summer- just started driving it in September last year. It cost over $4K to rebuild, and runs great. The rebuild probably has 2,000 miles max, so it's barely broken in! I drive it to work and back 44 mile round trip each day, and it runs like a top! It has the H/D tow hitch with trailer brakes.

UPDATE: I just paid $1,200 cash to get the A/C fixed. So THERE!! Plus I just put in a new grille painted FLAT BLACK, and it looks awesome!

This was a former government vehicle driven by a surveyor, so the 4wd was rarely used and works perfectly. I had the motor professionally rebuilt by Precision Machine off Bowdendale, and paid for a 4-year, 60K mile warranty, then found out the warranty is NOT transferable (ugh!). I have all the receipts.

The body is very straight, but has a few dings, was going to repaint it, but can't afford it now.

The interior on it is great for low-maintenance- vinyl seats and rubber mat floors- just vacuum and go! People love these former gov't vehicles b/c they have the more sturdy 2500 suspension, no frills interior, and can pretty much run forever, it would make a great 'monster truck' vehicle eventually.

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00 gets you basically a new running vehicle with a great working 4x4 on the floor. It does have a new heater core and that works fine!

New things:

1. Newly rebuilt motor

2. New shocks- heavier duty than stock, will take 1" of lift

3. New front suspension parts - the thing that looks like a 'shock' going across the frame

3. New radio- GM CD/Tape/Tuner

4. Newer hood- other one worked fine but had a 'wrinkle' that would not be perfectly repairable- this one has tiny dings (same color) but is straight

5. New grille (painted black)

6. New wheels and center caps

7. New power lock motor

8. New radiator

9. New battery- Interstate Heavy Duty

10. New brakes! GM factory replacement lifetime warranty, not the 'el cheapos'

11. A K & N air filter.

12. New Heater Core

13. New A/C including Evaporator, condenser, and all the lines!


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