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99 suburban exhaust upgrade

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Hey guys,new to site how is everyone??I just purchased a Gibson exhaust for my 99 suburban(dual cat)from stylintrucks,now i pleaded with the guy that i thought the application he gave was wrong and it was.But being that i got for nearly half the orig cost i want to try and make it work.Ok now as you know the 99 suburban or at least my lt 1500 has dual cats and the Gibson exhaust(cat back) is for a single cat model 315517 which is a 3" all the way back.I believe the 2 pipes leading into the stock muffler from the cats are 2",so my thought was to get a scavenger "Y" collector model flo-y214300 from summit which is a dual 2 1/4" in to a single 3" out along with a section of 2 1/4" tubing.Obviously there is some fabrication needed.Do you think this will work or has any done anything like this with success??Let me know,thanks....
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muffler shop?

any local custom muffler shops around? my friens rob owns a muffler shop on long island, i think i know the answer wich would be run a straight pip from the cat to where the exhaust stystem sits, thats just a guess though, ill stop by the shop tomorrow, show him this thread and see what he thinks, talk to you soon, good luck:great:

How's it going?Appreciate the reply,shoot if Long Island was closer to the Albany area i would just drive down there:lol:.Anyhow let me know what he thinks if you get around to it.I did get an email from a manager at stylin trucks stating he would make good on the mistake,supposedly??I got this exhaust on clearance for $225 plus $50 shipping,it was $360 and the proper set up is $460.He told me he would give me the right one for $390,i am waiting on a reply reguarding additional shipping.If they dont charge me agaian for that it may be worth the extra $115 to avoid paying possibly more for the fabrication work needed to be done..Any i will let you know one way or the other.Thanks again.

the right kit

if you can get the right kit for 100 bucks more, do it, otherwise you are at the fabricators mercy!!:grrrrrr:

Well i did end up spending the extra cash to get the proper fitting exhaust and ended up getting rhe magnaflow all stainless.Got the old one off today but unfortunately for me i had to cut 2 of the 3 studded bolts off that attach the muffler to the cats.It's freezing out and after 6 hrs of pure frustration and darkness setting in i've given up:grrrrrr:.I could not pound those 2 studs out to save my life,no amount of heat helped and laying on the ground was'nt helping either:grrrrrr:.So i was wondering if there was some kind of hand held press i may use to get these suckers out????Really wanted to hear roar tonight,oh well..... :sign0081:

Sorry to hear of your struggles. Reminds me of my high school days of laying in the driveway trying to put headers on! I have since learned that money spent at a muffler shop is money well spent! Took me a few years to learn to quit trying to beat people at their own game. Good luck!
I have the Gibson too and love it, my brother got his from ebay but I wanted a valid warranty(the winter salt here destroys metal) so I got it here. gibson 315517, or you can try one of the vendors here on the forum, they are allways having sales/specials. Either way its a great system and very easy to install and for the price you give it a look.
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