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I've got a '99 Suburban which had a little "altercation" with a tree on the passenger side rear door. Not enough to break glass or damage the rest of the body, but enough to booger up the passenger rear door. As such, we've replaced it with a door from an earlier Suburban (early to mid '90's...but I don't recall the exact year).

Everything moved over fine (later model "dark" glass, vs earlier "silvery" glass), interior panel, etc. However, I'm having issues with the actual door handle / lock button panel / backing plate.

If you're familiar with this door, you know the door handle / lock 'slider' in the rear attached to a metal backing plate. This plate then, in turn, is riveted onto the metal door interior.

I can NOT get this metal panel (from my '99) to line up with the earlier door. The holes are way oof. In addition, it doesn't look like the door lock / actuation rods on the earlier door are lining up with my '99 handle.

Does anyone know if the earlier (early - mid '90's) rear doors used different backing plates for the handle mechanism? If so, will the correct backing plate (for the early - mid '90s door) fix my problem? Will my '99 door handle / locking tab bolt up to the earlier plate?

I've attached a picture of the backing plate from my '99 model. Any help would be appreciated.


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