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A lot of people have differing opinions. I think a lot depends on what conditions you expect to see. What does "Highway driving with some snow" mean? How much snow how often? Are the roads you will see cleared well? Are you seeing mostly powdered snow when you see it, or does it stay on the roads long enough to pack down and turn to ice?

My dad and father-in-law swear by studded snow tires. Are studded snow tires legal where you're driving? Is the "winter" season long enough to justify the expense? Personally, I haven't been able to justify the expense, when I do just fine in the snow with my year round tires.

Me and a friend of mine have both been impressed with Cooper tires in the snow. I've had mixed success with Good Year made tires (some have done well and some have done poorly). I've ran one set of Yokohama made tires that were good in the snow early in their life, but have gotten to be pretty slick in their old age. The Dunlop Mud Rovers I put on my Explorer have done a lot better than I expected an MT to do.
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