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Could be oil from the top of the engine just working its way down to the starter. I had a quicky lube change the oil on my Silverado once and they spilled oil on top of the engine. The oil pooled there and slowly oozed its way downward. At first it looked like the oil filter was leaking. Quicky lube checked the filter for fit and then wiped the excess oil off the filter housing. The next day the filter was covered in oil again. I took it to the Chevrolet dealer and they found the pool of oil on top of the engine. Once that mess was cleaned up the leak was gone. Goodbye quicky lube, & thanks for the no-service.

You may have an intake manifold leak or something like the oil pressure sender could be leaking. Let's hope its not a rear main seal, because that is an expensive repair.

PS If the source of the leak is not obvious, you can add a fluorescent dye to your oil to help pinpoint the leak.
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