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A/C making weird noise

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I have a 01 suburban, in fact just got it 2 days ago with 91000 miles on it.
The A/C just started making a metl grinding noise and engine has a vibration problem also when A/C is turned on when the A/C is off everything is great. And it is only under acceleration that this happens. the A/C is my big problem it still works but the metal noise is killing me i guess i should just take it back to the dealer i bought it from, i just wanted to have an idea of what it could be thanks for any help
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ok i have an 01 2500 series 6.0l making noise i changed my tentioner an didnt fix problem spoke to car DR. today an said it might be an update in the computer because my idle is alittle rough email me an i'll give you my cell to talk about problem i'm going to call him on monday to see how much an update like this will cost the computer controls the AC also johnny
Sounds more like the AC clutch, if it is making noise only when the AC is on.

I like old school checks. Low tech rules sometimes.

Just have a helper turn the AC on while you have the hood open, the take a long screwdriver, socket extention, anything solid about 2 ft long.

Place one end against the side of the compressor and the other end against your head, just behind and under your ear. It will work like a dr. stethascope.

If it's not any loader there try putting it against something else.
ok up date on ac making noise its the compressor starting to blow up it shaves the teflon fins an starts to block the orifice tube an expansion valve on rear air models fix will cost $700 to $1000 compressor needs changing orifice tube, dryer, an expansion valve an system needs flushing :shock: johnnny
sorry the chatter noise is the compressor trying to push the freon passed the blocked tube
update just got truck back from shop $950 later an AC is running very nice now (i can hang meat in there now ) LOL
Beauty GMCJohnny, I don't think thats an unfair price. At least its working now.
I got a side of beef can I hang it in there?...:lol:
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