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Last week I drove 'BBB' to the local shop that I'm friends with the owner with. He put his Chevy "expert" on it to remove that O2 sensor from the pipe behind the Cat. He said he couldn't do it. I went down to the now little Sears store and got a 22mm combination wrench and with my 5 lb. cross pein hammer just a couple of smacks and it broke loose. Traces of rust fell that tells me the last guy to do this service failed to use Never seize on the threads~moron.
Following that I had to wait for the following week for O2 pigtail extensions I'd purchased on EBay, they cam in varying lengths but I went with the 18" as if they were too long I could just pretzel up the tubing.

Once I broke that O2 sensor loose I left it snug until those extensions cam in. Loosening the dingus bit by bit taking care not to gall the threads with each quarter turn I'd spray it with PB Blaster (penetrating oil) then work the sensor back and forth.

After extraction I cleaned up the mess with Lectra Motive electrical parts cleaner.

Despite Bosch using a dab of Nerver Seize on the threads of the new sensor I thought it prudent to add to it so I went back over to Gary's Automotive and from their REAL expert I borrowed a dap of copper Never Seize and lightly coated the entire length of the threads taking care not to get any on or near the sensor head. Threaded in just fine and with the lead extenstion gives me much more room to see what I'm doing if I ever have to get into this again.
One tip inparticular, while I jacked up (with jackstands in place) the passenger side, I could more easily access the weather proof connector if I went under the truck feet first so my wrists could bend around the Cat to get at that connector.
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