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I can be as quick as anyone to bash a dealer when things go bad regarding a car deal or service. But I will just pass on a bit about my latest dealings with a new car purchase and a warranty problem.
After much shopping at the area dealers (Saturn and Chevrolet) we bought an '07 Nox from Monument Chevrolet (formerly Timmers Chevrolet) in Pasadena Texas. They always mention the name change in their advertising, so that should tell you something. (As in not trying to hide a bad rep.) We made a fair deal. Not a "killing" but negotiated a fair market price that we could live with. Shortly thereafter we discovered the "Dreaded Nox Leaky Spare tire well" We took it in and of course Service Writer said he never had one come in for that! I gave him a few clues from forum as to possible causes. Later that day the Nox was ready, they resealed the tailamp cover. While there they also reprogramed the RKE system, AND had two new key fobs ready for us. We did not have to make a second trip to get our second one redone. I have read in other forums of other dealers surprising owners with "Oh yeah! We redid ONE of your remote fobs." That left a lot of irritated owners who often live quite a distance from the dealer making an unplanned trip.
Over the past 35 or so years I have done business with this dealer. I have bought several vehicles, and have had body work done twice. It is always so long between purchases that I really don't know anyone there, always a new salesman. It just seems that when shopping for a new vehicle, they have always made me the best deal. Once I had a Silverado in for a theft recovery. A few hours before the promised delivery time I got a call from their body-man. He was admitting up front and aplogizing for the "OOPS!" we used the wrong shade of gold paint on the door. We will send a loaner over to you now, and you can have your truck late tomorrow. I did happen to see it. The two GM colors were so close it could easily happen.
I am sure somebody out there can tell of a horror experience with this dealer, or issue a gripe. I can only relate my individual experience. If I were going to complain about something, it would be too many follow up phone calls with a customer satifaction survey. So I would rate this dealership as definitely above average.
BTW My ex father inlaw is a retired Chevrolet dealer, my wife and I did not buy at his place, we got a better deal at Monument/Timmers.

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