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A quick FYI on additional 12v outlets

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This past summer we were preparing for a 3000 mile round trip. Knowing that my kids would go stir crazy without their electronic devices, I decided to ad 4 (2 sets of double outlets) to our 96 Suburban. My first quandary was where to draw power from-I chose one of the Aux. posts in the fuse block under the hood. I ran a wire into the cab into a 6 place fuse block. I utilize this fuse block for my brake controller power and each set of outlets (3 used, still 3 available). Next question was where to place the new outlets, I (and more importantly, my wife) hate it when things look cobbled together. So, I decide to remove the ashtrays in the 3rd row seat are and mount them there. I fashioned cover plates out of plastic and painted them black (this also cost me 3 stitches in my left forefinger-use a vise or a clamp), epoxied the outlets to the cover, ran all of the wiring under the carpet and screwed them in placed of the ashtrays...voile! extra power outlets!
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Post some pics please. I would like to see how it looks
The finished product. The panel mounted
That looks awesome! Nice work
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