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Since my 1959 Resto-Mod truck is mostly Trailblazer, I thought I'd ask my question here.

Background: I put a 1959 Chevy SWB Big Window Fleetside body on a 2002 TB frame and installed a 2004 TB 5.3 V-8. Besides final paint, all that is left is installing an Air Conditioning system. Contemplating buying a Vintage Air system but their units require a fixed displacement AC compressor. It is my understanding that my factory 5.3 AC compressor is a variable displacement unit and the only TB that came with a fixed displacement compressor was the TBSS. I want to keep the stock AC bracket and compressor location so I'm considering a TBSS compressor.

1. Is the TBSS compressor really a fixed displacement unit?
2. Will a TBSS 6.0 fixed displacement compressor bolt directly into the 5.3 AC bracket?
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