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I have just added XM radio to my Factory AM/FM/CD radio. My truck is a 2004 Silverado Extended, with no Bose or Onstar and with 4 speakers. GM Canada said they could do the install for about $650.00. I took a chance (after asking LOTS of questions) and went with a XM Direct Kit from Crutchfield Canada for $149.00. It is GREAT. It was a simple plug and play set up with NO splicing. The kit is complete and allows you to control everything through the factory head unit. When pushing the Band button, XM1 and XM2 now show up, along with the AM,FM1,and FM2. The hardest part of the install was routing the antenae. It is on my dash beside the sensor and the wire goes through the centre defrost vent. It looks like the end is too big, but it is ok. The XM box is zip tied behind the glove box, abd the converter box is beside it.
This is a simple job and the sound is great. No more signal through an FM transmitter.
Here is the kit number: XMDGMK and it is made by Terk. It is complete with EVERYTHING you need. There was one part of the harness that I didn't need so I thought I was missing something but I wasn't. I think it MIGHT be so you can add an Ipod to the factory head but that is just a guess. If that was the case you would still need a harness to go from the Ipod to the new harness.
Hope this was helpful
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