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Adding a 2nd Alternator to a SBC 350

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I've been wanting to do this since day 1 with my 'Burb. I have a mounting spot on my block where the A.I.R. pump used to be on previous models (mine never had one). That looks like a perfect spot to stick me a second alternator or an air compressor (probably more the alternator). Something tells me that the mounting bolt pattern that's there won't be right to mount anything of the sort, but I could be wrong. Is there some way I can use that spot to stick me a second alternator on the serpentine belt? Thanks as always guys :great:
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Sure but finding a belt might be a problem. Mounting whatever you want would be interesting though. You might have to create the bracket, build it to fit whatever you decide to mount. But it can be done.

I got to ask though, why?
in the end, once I finish the truck, I'm going to have a TON of electrical goodies (entire roof lined with offroad lights, inverter, car audio system, computer, winch, etc), so it's going to chew through some power. I was also planning to probably go with triple batteries in the end, with a power isolator/management system for them, for extra runtime with the truck off. With all that power in the batteries, I need additional power to recharge 'em. I don't know if I'd ever use ALL the goodies at the same time, but knowing me, if I had them, I'd use them. I've had to do a couple night recoveries in the past at the local Boy Scout camp, which would involve lights, winch, and maybe even AC power. In the past, we just bring the camp Ford Bronco back there along with the "megazord", a Cat 416B backhoe. It works, but it takes a lot of people and it's done in low-light conditions...I'd like to be able to just drive my burb back there, fire up everything and drag the offending vehicle that slid off the road back on and up the front of camp if neccesary.
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goto the junk yard and look at other configurations and look a the output of your alt. On the Ford 3G i was able to get 200 amps out of the stocker unit. you might find a small generator might fit the bill better but a 2nd alt is good for a backup and or on board welding if you are doing the recoery work...mike
Instead of using a second alternator and triple batterys why not use two deep cell marine batteries and a high output alternator?
Premier Alternators are high output (up to 260 amps) and can be upgraded to use a Premier onboard arc or wire feed welder. Gremillion, and Mean Green are a few other companies that have high output alternators with welder capability on the market too.
Trying to tie in a secondary alternator to your existing electrical system could create big problems, the existing wiring might not be able to support the load which would mean burning up wires eventually.
A high output alternator with dual batterys, a battery isolator, and an auxillary fuse block would be better able to support the power requirements you have. I'd run the aux fuse block with a disconnect in case one of your accessories gets a short.
The advantages of two deep cell marine batteries and an H.O. alternator is a weight savings, less drag on the engine, less belts to worry about, and an independant system for the accessories that wont put strain on the vehicles existing electrical system.
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I never thought about using depp cycle batteries. That would help me alot probably. I thought about the H.O. alternator, but I didn't think it would be able to output enough to keep up. I don't do recovery work for a living or anything, and I've never had to weld anything, but it seems like at least once a year during summer camp one of the staff members will run off the road into a tree or ditch.....or the lake... Another thing that intimidated me with going with a H.O. alternator is the fact that they seem to be VERY exspensive, when I can get a 2nd one for a total output of slightly more than a single HO for cheaper. But, I think ya'll have swayed me.
I'd try something intended for an ambulance as far as an alternator. Either that or try out some of those sites that cater to the car audiophile. They have some excessive electrical needs.
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