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Instead of using a second alternator and triple batterys why not use two deep cell marine batteries and a high output alternator?
Premier Alternators are high output (up to 260 amps) and can be upgraded to use a Premier onboard arc or wire feed welder. Gremillion, and Mean Green are a few other companies that have high output alternators with welder capability on the market too.
Trying to tie in a secondary alternator to your existing electrical system could create big problems, the existing wiring might not be able to support the load which would mean burning up wires eventually.
A high output alternator with dual batterys, a battery isolator, and an auxillary fuse block would be better able to support the power requirements you have. I'd run the aux fuse block with a disconnect in case one of your accessories gets a short.
The advantages of two deep cell marine batteries and an H.O. alternator is a weight savings, less drag on the engine, less belts to worry about, and an independant system for the accessories that wont put strain on the vehicles existing electrical system.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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