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Adding a second battery...maybe?

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Hey all, recently ive been having a problem with my amp and sub in my truck. I installed them a few months ago and everything has been working fine, but lately its been acting weird. When i turn on my radio everything works and the amp is on and the sub is kicking, but at random times like in the middle of songs the sub will just stop, and then maybe start back up i missing something really simple? the only thing i can think of is maybe the amp isnt getting enough air flow or something because its behind my back bench seat. Could it have anything to do with a battery? ive been thinking about adding a second one but i dont know how to do that, any help is appreciated thanks!
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Yea sometimes it goes into protect mode...what does that mean? And how do I stop it?

Its a 12" rockford sub with a 800w nitro amp. Currently its thhe only aftermarket thing hooked to the battery.
alright, ill check that out and maybe even shorten it. thanks guys, ill let ya know.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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