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Has anyone tried adding factory fog lights to their LS
I came up with some brackets that hold them behind the bumper.
Another site wanted to charge me $35 per month to sell them to members.
I'm not a business, just want to help fellow LS owners to add fogs.
I can send them insured priority mail for $30.00
Not trying to get rich, just break even and a little gas money.
Let me know if you want pictures sent to you.


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Tell me more


I do not know if it is possible with the OEM mounts, but is there a means to adjust the fog lamps w/ your brackets or is where they fall where they stay?

Tell me about the metal used. Galvanized? Stainless? Aluminium? What gauge metal?

P.S. I think I am familiar with the site that will not allow you to sell your brackets w/o becoming an approved vendor.
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