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adjustable coilovers?

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do they make adjustable coilovers for my 89' burb?
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I've used them for drag racing application. So I can't see why not. Theres a couple of guys here that have crawlers that could better answer...

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where can i can some for the front end? does anybody know?
To tell ya the truth I've never seen an adjustable coilover for a Suburban, or any other full size GM truck. I trolled through a few sites that carry aftermarket parts for GM's and they had nothing.
I'd say the closest thing you could get would be an airbag setup. A little more expensive than a coilover but easier and faster adjustment.
I've seen air units that do a good job and are dial adjustable. Never seen a coilover though that I can think of for that size.
In Stylin Concepts latest magazine on the last page theres an ad for "new for 2007" Coil over units. Doesnt say applications or give much info. The units are made by Belltech which has a very good reputation for suspension parts. Key word suspension

They also have a coupon for free shipping on orders over $200. Use coupon code ST710SHIP if ordering online or mention it when ordering by phone.
Guess I should read my mail before posting from now on.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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