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My headlights on my 1995 K2500 are kinda foggy and yellowed, just wandering if anyone has any experience with one of the many replacements offered on ebay? My drivers side also has a broken adjuster, so I need to replace at least that side. I did not price a GM one yet, anyone have a P/N by chance?? But if these ebay jobs are cheap Chinese knockoffs that will turn yellow and crack in a short time maybe I just want to avoid them altogether. I could always junkyard a used one.

One other thing my high beams don't point anywhere near where they should, since the light housings are all one piece, I'm thinking the high beam bulb is either bad or bent, anyone see this before?

I love the light my 1999 Trans Am puts out, so I'm thinking my truck should light up the road just as well. All my older cars and trucks had old time sealed beams in them.
Here ya go man. Check out this link. I've got the same set in my truck, only to fit my year model. They are good and I have never had a problm out of them. No cracks, no leaks, no yellowing, no nothing.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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