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So I am as we speak in the process of re-sealing the aftermarket headlight assemblies I bought and put on my 97' a few weeks ago (see my pics). The worthless factory seals on them let water in during the very first car wash!

I read online that you can bake them in the oven at the lowest setting, which on mine is simply "warm" (I think its about 125 degrees F) for about 5-10 minutes and then pry them apart with a butter knife. Let me say that this works, but removing the factory silicone is a major pain. Once that's done though, I simply made a new gasket using Permatex Ultra-Black RTV silicone (comes in a small tube at O'reilly for about 5 bucks) and now I'm just waiting for them to dry. So here are some tips that I would recommend if anyone plans on doing this

1) pry slowly with that butter knife, and use your hands once you get one end open enough to fit in there; no need to crack the plastic housing.
2) work slowly when prying
3) use the butter knife and act like you're rolling spaghetti onto a fork in order to peel off the factory silicone in one long piece. This took a little practice but I got the hang of it quickly and it made the process much easier
4) don't touch the reflectors inside the housing; as a matter of fact don't touch anything anywhere inside the housing as one would hate to seal everything up again only to realize that there's fingerprints that are now forever inaccessible inside the housing
5) don't be shy with the permatex rtv. I realized that the factory job was so poor because they wanted to skimp out on the sealant. well that just means more work for us customers
6) textbooks work really well for pressing down the final product to smash down that sealant and bring both pieces of the housing together.
7) wait for this stuff to dry completely!!! I sealed my side markers with simple bathroom caulk and when I went to put them on (did this a few weeks prior to now) I ended up with white silicone on my grill/hands/clothes, etc. and its not fun to clean off while its wet

hope this helped people a little, because It took me a while to figure out good methods for this
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