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Aftermarket Headunit Install.....Need your expertise please

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Hey Guys,
I have a 2008 Silverado without Bose system. So ive finally made the switch from my old OEM headunit to an Alpine 9886. Now I am in the middle of installing this thing and i am running into problems.

I dont care about my chimes or Onstar so I went to ebay and bought a wiring harness. It wasnt the special one to attain the chimes and onstar. I have everything all connected up , removed the OEM deck and plugged in the alpine......No power....Plug the OEM back in, powers up. Everything is connected properly. What am i doing wrong? Will this work? I was reading online that there is a bypass that i can do. Has anyone heard of this?

If you have any advice, please let me know. I just got my truck back yesterday, was t-boned 3 weeks ago and she deserves a new stereo. I have kids and a family so cheapest route(the route i went) is the best for me. I dont mind the extra work involved. MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!!
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make sure you have the correct harness for your vehicle. If you do then get a multimeter, turn the accessory on and find the power lead suppling 12v switched power and you should be good.
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