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Are there any specialty tranny places that make 6 speed tranny's for the 6.0??
I know they offer them for the diesels. Why not for the gasser?
With my 4:10 rearend, she runs 2250 rpm at about 60mph.
It just gets old having an 04 -sharp-truck and being passed on the highway by Yugo's.
A 5speed with an overdrive seems to make sense.
I would think with speed limits of 70mph, they would make the truck run that speed at the most efficient rpm range...........2500-2600 is NOT very efficient on these pigs.
Just curious. Mark
The new Caddie Escalades w/ the 6.2L gas engine have the 6spd. You also get the 6spd in the 2500 and 3500 HD trucks( Hydramatic w/ 6.0L gas engine and the Allison w/ 6.6L Duramax ).

GM was supposed to release the 6spd for the Silverado and Sierra 1/2 tons for 08 models( 5.3L anyway - not sure on 4.8L but probably ), then it was pushed back to 09, and who knows when if ever it will come now? I agree the 4spd is outdated. A 5spd would be better. I will reserve judgement on a 6 spd however until I drive one as I believe it will constantly shift. I wager that is why it has not come yet and has been pushed back 2-3 times already.

Unfortunately, as the shifting is all computuer controlled on both the new trucks as well as your 04 I doubt you would be able to swap a 6spd in. Maybe.
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