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if you are replacing the pump why not the thermastate as well. i run a stock flow pump but drop the therm to 172 or i like the 160 degree and not worry about it. and not to add to the pain but if the pump is on the way out i bet you are ready for new upper and lower raditor hoses and heater hoses and do not forget a new raditor cap. all can be swapped for the added cost of the high flow water pump but for a street drive beast and some towing you not have any issues. i hate to swap out a part to have a hose fail the next month. you will hear some say do not drop the thermastate temp but it added 3MPG to my beast (and does on most vehicles i do this to) and makes him feel more peppy. i still tow and run Brutis hard and now the tem guage stays on the 1st quarter of the guage arounf 120-160 on real hot days and with the ac running......mike
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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