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Air Conditioning ?

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1992 Suburban 2500, What is the easiest way to check the a/c compressor? When I turn it on I do not hear it engage. Thanks
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Remove the connector from the clutch cycling switch on the accumulator(big metal can). Short the connector with a paper clip or whatever and then turn on the A/C. While you're doing that, check your freon charge. It should be around 30-50 PSI. If it's more than that, shut it off! That means you've got something blocking the line. If it's too low, add more freon, and see what happens. If it doesn't leak out, you're good.
So if the compressor turns on when I short the switch that means the switch is bad?
Yippee, the compressor engaged when I shorted the switch with a paper clip. The air is not very cold though.

Do they still sell Freon for a 1992 at auto store to recharge the system?

Also where is the Schrader valve I’m unable to locate it? Thanks
Thanks for all the help. Unfortunately it says R 12 on the compressor so I guess I will have to convert it or can you still get it filled with R 12?
How would I pressure check the system before I try to refill it? I’d hate to spend the money to have it all leek out.
I found out someone has already switched it over to R134. I picked up a kit and went to add Freon and it seams to be holding pressure, still had to jump the switch to get the compressor to run and still no cold air once running.

Does this mean the compressor is bad?

If so how do you go about changing it? just diconnect everything, hook up a new one and refill?
Where will I find the tube and accumulator?
I wrench on cars all the time especially on my corvette but I’ve never had to chase an AC problem.
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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