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Air Ride

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Okay All I have a new question my 89 Bur is back on the rode and she is running great. But now I want to work on something new I thing I want to add an air ride suspension. Does any one have the pro and cons of doing this and if it's all good replys does anyone know who sells the parts to complete this hook up????
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Pros: If done right it can increase load capacity and make the vehicle more stable. Can also make for a softer ride. Can give the vehicle a nice looking low agressive stance.
Cons: Expensive to do correctly, adds another item to have problems with.

AIM Industries 1-800-280-9980
these are a few of the companies that offer air ride kits or parts, there are probably hundreds of others I'm forgetting.

I had air ride on a previous truck, it worked great until I blew an air line and bag in the middle of nowhere. Three hours under the back of the truck in 105deg heat sucked. After that experience I wouldnt do straight air bags again. I'd use lowering springs and run air assist bags. That way if a bag fails I can limp home sitting on the springs.
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