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Airborne Pics

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Hey all though I would share some pics from back when I was a Ranger. Found these pics and it brought back good ole memories. Hope yall enjoy


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Awesome pics, the quality is amazing..Where you at in Korea? I spent a total of 3 years at Camp Casey.. 1996-1998 in 2/72 AR(I was a 19K, but I spent both years as a 88M/77F in the support platoon) and my last tour 702d/302d was in '04-'05 in my current missile field...(94A, I am a 948D1J now)

Thanks for the service as well and to Sierraowner5.3, my time is almost up four more years and my 20 will be up :rules:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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