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Hey THarper,
Welcome to the club, I'm sure you will see that this site is a great source for any questions you could ever have regarding your gmc/chevy.

What you want to get is called a "Line Out Converter" (LOC). This is a small block (about 1"x 4") that has wires on one side and RCA plug on the other. The basic idea behind the LOC is to tap into your rear speaker wires and convert the signal to go through a RCA cable leading to your amp. I have not done any installs in a new body style truck (NBS since it's your first post), but have done this in my 03 & 07 silverado.
If you have the bose stereo package it is very important that you connect the LOC to the rear speaker wire prior to the factory amplifier. If you don't then the bass will automatically decrease as you increase volume and your subs won't work too great. In my 03 & 07 the factory amp is located under the center console, I tapped into the wires right before they reached the stock amplifiers input harness.

If you don't have the bose package.... I think you can tap into the wires just about anywhere. In my old truck I took off the rear door panels and tapped the speaker wires inside of the rear doors. The rear doors were extremely easy to take apart so this was a breeze.

If you aren't sure you could always tap into the speaker leads coming out of the stock head unit. I do not recommend this for two reasons: 1. It is a pain to work in the constricted area behind the dash when you don't need to & 2. I have heard it recommended to have the shortest speaker wire to LOC distance possible.

Good luck on this and I hope I made it clear enough. If you have any questions just post 'em up. I haven't worked on a NBS truck yet, but hope it is similar enough. I have my stock radio hooked up to my system so you will get there no problem.
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