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An introduction...'85 K20 Suburban [Expired Topic]

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Good morning all. I bought my first Suburban and am awaiting it's arrival here in Cartersville, GA. It was a southern Cal truck it's life and seems to be rather clean. It is a k20 and am told it has the FF 14 bolt in the rear. It is said to have 80k original miles though CarFax says it is 180k, I don't always believe CarFax but more times than not they are correct.

First order of business is to see why it has a miss at idle. Seller thinks it maybe a head gasket between cylinders. It may just be ready for a new one. Though it doesn't smoke or burn oil.

2nd will be a slight lift, 2 - 2 1/2", via springs. Followed by wheels & tires. Will be something in the 33" range.

From there I hope to be able to have a repaint in the spring and then enjoy the rig for the next few years while upgrading and playing.

Below are a couple teaser pics but you can see more here:


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Hey Ron.... I'm just up the road from you in Rydal. Small world. Truck looks like its in great condition to be 21 yrs old! Mines a '96 GMC 2500. Sounds like you've got nice plans for you're truck... Good luck.

Thanks Roger. Rydal's not that far. We are up near CassWhite Road which is almost within throwing distance.

I hope I can do everything I want to this one. Never seem to follow through on many projects but maybe this is the one.
Nice looking rig! When do you get it?
I hope it will be here today or tomorrow. It left Indiana Monday AM on a truck.
Did you see this one in Canton?
Needs paint but sounds pretty solid otherwise.

That build sticker confuses me. I thought all the 3/4 tons got the TH400 till 90 when the 4L80e was out. That build sticker indicates it has a TH700R4.
Look sharp. My 88 has the exact same interrior color and all.
I had not seen that one.

As for the trans, I don't know. I am still learning what was and wasn't available. You ask 10 different people the same question and you get 5 or 6 answers.
I have half a mind to go look at that truck in Canton and sell my 88.

My 88 is in outstanding shape but with the Th400 and the 454 it gets 10.5 MPG. I hate the tail gate on it and so does my wife to the point she will load grocery's on the floor and back seat (she's 5ft 90lb and that gate has always been a problem with her. I really would like 4x4. I have already got off on wet grass with a trailer and been stuck. I wanted the 454 because I had planned to be pulling a car trailer frequently. Well that never did pan out so It just sits because of the MPG.

If that Canton truck has overdrive it will probably get about 16-17mpg. I could sell the wifes Accord I make her drive because the 454 Burb is such a gas pig. She loves driving the Burb so I don't think it would be a hard sell. Loosing the insurance payment of one car would make up the MPG loss quite a bit. If it has a 3.73 gear throw the FF14 from mine under it, My new wheels and tires and it would just about be perfect for my needs.

A couple times a year there is a get together of folks from the (they cover all year trucks) members. You should join up over there and keep an eye out for it. I heard they were going to try to make this Year One car show deal in Braselton this weekend. See if I can find the post and send the link to you.
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