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The Chevrolet Avalanche is Chevrolet's sport utility truck. It is a four-door, six-seat pickup truck with a somewhat SUV-like flavor, known as a "sport utility truck". Avalanche is based on the full-size long-wheelbase General Motors SUVs (such as the Chevrolet Suburban), and itself forms the basis of the upscale Cadillac Escalade EXT. On Chevrolet's website, the Avalanche is listed as an SUV and a truck.
Avalanche features four full-size hinged doors with seating for 6 (with bench seats) or 5 (with bucket seats). The open pickup bed in back can be extended into the back seat area by folding down the rear wall of the cabin and removing the rear window. GM marketers call this the "Midgate system". A series of three removable panels provides a watertight top for the cargo bed. Additional storage is provided behind each wheelwell, accessed by locking flip-top panels and can be useful as self-draining ice chests.
The truck's midgate construction allows two fullsize sleeping bags to be laid out in the bed when the midgate is folded down, protecting the occupants from the weather. GM markets this truck as a choice for active outdoor adventurers in part due to its optional four wheel drive.

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