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Antenna 07 Silverado

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What is the black "fin" on top of the 07' Chevy Silverado's? I have seen them on other luxury vehicles, but I only like the ones on the new Silverados. It's not a "shark fin" like what the BMW's have, but it's similar. I want to know what is it used for, and can I get one to use for AM/FM radio only on my 06' Silverado? I don't like my current black antenna stick, and would much rather have the cool "fin" antenna.
Thats what I'm talking about
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That's for onstar and XM radio.
Thats gay. Is there any way to use it for AM/FM radio only. And if I were to get XM radio, is it better than Sirius? I'll never have OnStar either, but I want that antenna cover :grrrrrr:
I don't think it will work for am/fm because I have an additional antenna for that. But yeah they do look pretty cool. To bad you don't have one :na: Just messin.
I'm not sure, but someone probably makes a terrestial antenna that looks like that. I'll look around.
Yeah, thanks finalday7 :rolleyes:
Wheres your separate antenna for the AM/FM radio? I only listen to one Rock radio station, and will never have OnStar, or XM radio. I just like the clean look of that "fin" antenna.

What about those antennas that are on the back windows of SUV's? Are those for the AM/FM radio? I'm looking for a cleaner looking AM/FM radio antenna!
The other antenna is still there as far as I know. I looked at a 2007 Trailblazer and it has the "fin" antenna and the old metal one as well.
Yeah the antenna is in the normal spot at the front.
I'm not sure, but someone probably makes a terrestial antenna that looks like that. I'll look around.
Find anything? :neutral:

finalday7: Why have both antennas, XM radio gives you AM/FM radio channels. Why would you need both antennas up then?
Scosche offers an antenna that mounts inside the rear glass. Not a shark fin, but if the standard antenna isn't visually appealing to you.....
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Because I have an 07. Only the 08's came standard with XM. Mine was an option that I didn't get.
I just noticed that I have the two antennas.
What about the antennas that are between the glass on the back windows in SUV's ect. Can I remove the black antenna stick in the front, and install the window antennas instead? Any links?
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