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I need to install an new antenna base at the fender well.
This is to replace a cut cable at the radio end, which I just discovered to be taped together.

Anyway, after looking it over thoroughly, the actual removal of the base part of the antenna from the fender isn't quite as obvious as one might think.

And, my research indicates that later years' trucks are, or can be, a little different, so this is 1991 specific.

Mine has two small hex head screws on the inside of the engine compartment pointing out to the right side. It seems to be a blind release of the antenna base. But, below that in the fender area is a black cover of some sort who's purpose and removal is not obvious at all.

IOW, the base of the antenna cannot simply drop out the bottom of the fender fold. And, the cable coming from it is not visible either.

Can anyone describe to me what I've got here and how to go about it?

Thanks in advance.
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