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this has been going on for about 2 years now, i love my truck , don't get me wrong.
it been a great vehicle since i bought,,, with ONE exception. when ever it wants to,
without rhyme or reason you get in it to start it and , it will try to start then shut off.
the anti theft light will stay on in the dash and it will not start for 10 minutes.
if you wait 10 minutes,, not 9 it has to be 10,, then it will start right up.
this only happens once in a while.. you might go 4 or 5 months and all of a sudden
it will do it. and it seems it always does it when my wife drives it. (she loves it when that happens).
but its a rare but very annoying bug and i have talked to a couple of guys that install alarm and theft systems
and they say its very weird. they didn't have much on the subject..
any of you guys ever had this happen? some have told me that it goes through the stereo
but mine didn't have the little flashing light in it, i replaced stereo right after i bought it. about
6 or 8 months later it started doing this.
oh yeah , its a 2003 silverado .. not real fancy , no power windows
or seats , auto trans.

thanks for reading this

terry m
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