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Any Advice while installing HIDs in a 2011?

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Just bought a set of HIDs for both my fogs and lows. Any advice on an easy install?! As well as I'm a new member. My names Jesse. From Edmonton, Canada.
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Definitely get the relay kit, it is worth the extra $10-15 and wire it directly to the battery. The ground for the kit is very importatnt as well as it will get the whole ground for both lights. My ballasts are seven years old and still working, moved them from my Astro to the Silverado and they worked fine for a while without the relay kit but them they stopped firing all the time on startup, so I installed a quality relay kit and now I never get a misfireon the lights. I have left the DRLs functional, so my headlights stay on constantly.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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