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Any Advice while installing HIDs in a 2011?

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Just bought a set of HIDs for both my fogs and lows. Any advice on an easy install?! As well as I'm a new member. My names Jesse. From Edmonton, Canada.
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Great, thank you! Any other advice for HIDs?!
I'm looking at projectors right now. Maybe in a couple weeks il grab some. Thank you. I went with lows and fogs at 4500k. Wanted more of a stock HID look.
Thanks for the tips guys. I installed them
A little over a week ago and have had nothing but great things to say. I didn't get the relay as when I posted this thread, I had already ordered them. But so far so good. This is what my drls are now. I disabled my normal ones and went with the fogs as drls. I think it gives it a little bit of a mean look.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Automotive tire

And I have some pictures of my HIDs all on. Anyone else from Edmonton?! If so feel free to message me. Out of all my friends, I'm the only one that's a hillbilly haha. My friends rides consist of speed 3s and sti's. Except for one dodge guy. But let's face it, it's a dodge. More chevy friends, the better. ;) here's some pics.

Vehicle Automotive tire Car Tire Transport

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Headlamp Automotive lighting

Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Lighting Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Pickup truck Transport

Speedometer Light Driving Automotive lighting Auto part


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