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Any pics of 2007 New body with level kit?

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Look for pics of 2007 silverados with the front level kit, would like to know what size tires you have on the truck and what you think of the level kit.

Thanks for any help you can give!
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This is more than what you asked for but can you blame me for showing these?:lol:

Gotta love black and white. I drool over these trucks when I see these pics:lol:
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YEah I would love to do that with mine, but just not practicle. But doing the level kit and go up one size on the tires would make it look better, I have also thought about those rims with the black on them but cant decide. I saw a lifted tahoe black with black rims no chrome anywhere and it was slick!
I think the black chrome rims would look awesome on a black tahoe. I like them alot better then the flat black.
Great looking trucks, but I agree they're not all that practical. Sure would be nice to ride up as high as a semi though. ;-)
Mall crawlers or city rigs I'm sure. When I lift mine, I'm not going over 4" and no bigger than 33" tires so that I can still safely tow with my truck. My wife and kids would not appreciate it either if it was difficult to get in the truck:lol:
very nice trucks for sure... My buddy just got a brand new 07 sierra 2500HD duramax and put a 6" CST lift on it like that white one above with 35's... I am so jealous it looks amazing
Those trucks look great, I like the white one better, but would want it to have a 9" lift. Anyhow as mentioned above, hauling anything with a lift like that is a no-go and it's a little hard to get into the truck if your kinda short.
Hopefully one day I'll have 6" or 9" lift. Right now I'm just tryin to pay the note. :great:
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