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Anyone know where (else) to get a side view mirror?

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Someone hit my d/s side view mirror, knocking the glass out and breaking it. The rest of the assembly seems fine; sticking the mirror back in, the power adjusters move it around just fine. So I only need the glass.

The stealership wants $260 for just the glass. That's ridiculous!

Anyone know where else I can buy one? Unfortunately, I don't have time to troll wrecking yards. I need to find it, and buy it. And searching the 'net wasn't much help either.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.
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These things break all the time. A local glass/mirror (like windshield replacement shop) should be able to take care of you.

Is there anything special about it? Heated elements on it?

Two options. If that doesn't work you might be able to get one cut for you to fit the size and shape that you need. Can't imagine that being as good, but it will cost a lot less than the dealership.
Thanks, Steve.

I think it's a heated mirror. There's a fluid in the mirror (glycol?) that's been slowly leaking out and onto the side of the Tahoe. I hadn't even noticed. The stealership advised my wife that whatever that stuff is, it'll eat paint.

I guess if nobody knows a good source for OEM or quality replacement parts, I'll just have to suck it up and shell out the cash. I just figured I'd take a shot here, and see if anyone had a good parts source. Thanks for reading, everyone. Happy driving!
That's a good point. I would still try a glass replacement shop. They probably can hook you up with an cheaper aftermarket unit.
Thanks. I'll give it a shot.
Let me know how that works out. It's always good to know how much of a discount you'll get over the dealer with an aftermarket product.
there was a pair on ebay a couple days ago for a buy it now $120 for the pair.
Thanks, eBay is a good place to go look, only problem is that you have to go back frequently as you never know when something will popup.
replacement mirror glass

next time try This is a good site for new oem replacement parts
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