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Anyone Retrofit A LS 4L60E To Gen 1 350?

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I'm looking for anyone who's got some hands on experience retrofitting a newer 4L60E to a Gen 1 350? GM's Performance Division has an adapter kit out (P/N 19154766). This kit will address TC to crank clearance issues. However, just bolting it up isn't everything. Specifically, I've got a 96 K1500 I could try this on with a trans (includes later style torque converter) from a 03 Silv K1500. Controls should be the same (96 being the first year they started using PWM). I can get a 4" extension housing. Overall length differences would be nominal at 1/8" shorter with the later trans. The cooler lines would need to be at least bent at a 90o and may be too short. There's possibly an issue with the trans mount and cross member. Just curious if anyone has tried this and what the unforeseen problems were.

Btw 96 one piece trans is toast, reaction gearset shelled out. Ring gear came out in 5 pieces. Got the case too. So its get a rebuildable core, or try something different. :gasp:
I would just get a same year/type trans that has been updated with heavyduty parts. Alot easier.

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Also, welcome to the club.
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