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Anyone tried HHO? Hydrgen on demand systems

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Has anyone done HHO? I see adds for them alot. Guess I'm still nervous about them. thanks
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1 word: SCAM.........
Have you tried it?
No i have not because there is a mythbusters episode about mods like this as well as the result that adding hydrogen to an already rich air/fuel ratio isnt needed.
I'll let a guy in our town tell you how much he paid for a new motor in his Tahoe after trying one of those kits.
I havn't either just fishing for away to cut down more on fuel Thanks Anyone else that has let me know
I have no tried it. But, I work in the industrial gas industry and I wouldn't put a hydrogen cylinder in my car no matter the gas savings. I have yet to see a cylinder that would be considered safe to carry in a pick up unless you have some kind of cage around it.
They don't put a cylinder in. What I understand of it they claim a water bottle and some chemicals to make it work.
ive seen a system that a guy put in his 4.3 V6 s-10 that used a secondary 100 amp alternator to run current through some sealed containers of water in the bed, with a collector tube at the top that went to the intake. the thing (he built it himself) seperated the hydrogen and oxygen from the water and he saw a 15 mpg increase, no word on whether or not its still running though lol
Look into it if you could please. Thanks!!!!!
Or nothing they can tax as much as gas????????????????????????????????

Cuz You government would never lie to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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