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Anyone use MetroPCS?`

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Just curious if anyone has an opinion about Metro PCS? ( They've got an unlimited-use cell phone plan if you don't travel out of the metro area you can call anyone in the US, but I'm not sure how the service is. It's only $45/month for the plan I want, so I might give it a try.
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I got a MetroPCS contract and phone today. So far I am very very pleased with how this is all working out.

1) They don't play games. I walked in, chose the $40/month plan and added unlimited 411 calling for $2.90/month. That's $42.90/month and my monthly bill will be $51/month... that's it! No games, no hidden fees, no nothing. Very nice.

2) No credit check and no Social Security Number needed. My credit is in the dumps like everyone else's, plus I always fear that an employee somewhere will jot my SSN down and go on a credit card spree! This wasn't needed at all, it took like 10 minutes to get the plan up and running ... NO HASSLES at all. It was one of the most pleasant experiences I've had getting a service like this in a long time.

3) I got my phone, paid $89 for a pretty decent phone. They don't write it into the contract and then charge you for 5 years for a $90 phone. So, I know what I'm paying and what I'm paying for. They will take a trade in as well if I want to go to a more expensive phone in the future.

4) The family plan is great. My plan is unlimited nationwide local and long distance with a pretty good package for $45/month. We'll probably get my wife on here in the near future for $40/month and get her a better phone. They give a $10/discount for each additional phone that you add on. So, that's like $30 for her phone and $45 for mine, that's $75/month for two phones with unlimited minutes and long distance. THAT'S A STEAL!

5) The service works very well. I've not had any issues with it today. I have to stay inside of one of like 8 Metro areas, but they are rapidly growing and probably will be in every Metro area in two years. Keep an eye out for them!
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Cell Phone Coverage for MetroPCS

MetroPCS's cell phone coverage allows more than 3 million subscribers great, flat rate plans with unlimited minutes, no signed contracts, no activation fees and your first month of service FREE! MetroPCS is among the first cellular service providers to deploy an all-digital network based on third generation infrastructure and phones. Cell phone coverage includes many top markets like Atlanta, Florida, Dallas, Detroit and California.
Great cell phone coverage --- Unlimited minutes! No signed contracts! First month FREE!

Start Shopping!

An overview of our coverage areas.

Southern California

Northern California

South Florida

Central Florida





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