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Anyone who owns a throttle body spacer??

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Ok I've heard good things and bad things (mostly bad) about TBS. I mean, do they work at all. I've heard that on the f150's people saw no gain at all, but are these GM's different. I was just checking a sport truck mag website and they said that there beneficial when you have an aftermarket intake (which I will). So is anyone on here running one and what do you think?? Thanks
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Yeah, I'm on the fence about the spacers too. Having run two 4bbls with a tunnel ram on a 390 BB (yeah it was a [email protected]) I know that lengthening the intake can help, but I still doubt any gains by just raising the TBI. For the money I'd buy a K&N filter first.
Throttle body spacers show little to no gain but what they do is make a loud hissing sound under the hood.
Well I def. don't want a loud hissing sound.
He's right spacers work like crazy with a carb but do sqwat for a TBI
No gains, I just ditched my spacer. But everyone is right, they do whistle. And it changes pitch with RPM, sounds like a little turbo spooling up.

On carb and TBI, there is a benefiet... or any wet intake system. But dry intakes like whats on modern EFI where the fuel injector is located down by the intake valve. Spacers don't work.
I was considering dropping one on my 91 Chevy 350 TBI motor. I have been reading good and bad things about them and have been holding off on it. I'm in it more for the better fuel mileage, but if I can stomp into it and get more power, I ain't gonna complain :glasses:
my friend has a 95 z71 with a tbs, he said it was a big waste of money
I have one in my 1991 Blazer (pictured) and didn't notice any gain or noise. I guess if you add it to other stuff to help performance it will do something.
Mine just adds color under the hood.:lol:
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