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Hello everyone,

I'm getting ready to sell some instrument clusters for 2002 trucks (Silverado, Yukon, etc.), and I would like to make sure they fully light up. When I attempt to test it using a battery charger, I can only get the volts and oil gauge to move. I've tried every combination of hot and ground wires. I've seen people on youtube being able to get their clusters to fully light up, however, the pin connectors were slightly different. Below (including the photo) is how my setup looks. As you can see below, there are multiple hot and ground wires, and again, I've tried every combination. Any ideas how to get this to fire up? Btw, I've tried 2 clusters and 2 pin connectors. Appreciate any help. Thanks, Mike.

A1 tan/white -oil pressure sender
A2 white - tach
A3 Dk grn/wht - VSS signal from PCM
A4 brown -hot in run
A5 gray - computer data lines
A6 black - ground
A7 gray - interior lights (dash lights)
A8 black/white - ground
A9 orange - hot all times
A10 pink - hot in off, run, and start
A11 not used
A12 dk green/white - park brake switch
B1 lt blue - exterior lights (left turn)
B2 brown/white - Diesei engine control systems
B3 dk blue - engine control systems
B4 not used
B5 ppl/white - interior lights
B6 pink - hot in run and start
B7-8-9 not used
B10 dk blue - exterior light systems (right turn)
B11 not used
B12 black/white - washer fluid level


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According to my 2002 Silverado schematic A6 (black) is the proper ground wire. A7 (gray) and or B5 (ppl/wht) is the voltage for the cluster lamps from the dimmer circuit. It shows 6 lamps. Check for continuity to each lamp connector from A6. Then check continuity from A7 to each lamp. I'm assuming the lamps are good and not burned out. Also check to see if your battery charger is outputting 12 volts as some chargers don't output if there is no residual battery voltage present when connected.
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